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Our passenger information signs are used in various areas with great reliability.

The widest area of use of these systems is public vehicles such as buses, trams, metros, etc.

Especially in recent years, increasing importance of public transport made the expectations of passengers higher too. Public transport companies started to search for new solutions to improve their service quality to meet customer expectations and they have come up with some solutions and applications.

As a consequence of these efforts, companies started to deploy information signs in squares and central stations to inform passengers about departure and arrival times, platform numbers etc.

Our company produces passenger information signs that are suitable for both indoor use and outdoor use. These signs are designed in a modular architecture and they may be produced in various character height, character length and colors depending on where they will be deployed.

Also, communication framework of our control units and display panels are based on international standards, thus they can communicate with similar devices -based on the same standard - with ease.

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